How Lathem Dental Spa Can Help Minimize Premature Aging

How Lathem Dental Spa Can Help Minimize Premature Aging

As an advocate of healthy living – both inside and out, Lathem Dental Spa is always eager to share ways we can assist you in achieving optimal oral health, and we offer you positive ways to achieve such health right here at our Burnaby Dental Spa!

Leading us to our subject matter: ‘How Lathem Dental Spa Can Help Minimize Premature Aging’ – a hot topic in all sectors of medical and dental health, as well as spas and clinics across the globe, making it well worth addressing.

So without further ado…

Time and Your Teeth Don’t Always See Eye-To-Eye

As with the wear over time on your bones, skin, joints and other parts of your body, so too do your teeth “wear” as we age. But this shouldn’t mean you have to APPEAR aged. Rather, with the proper exercise, diet, skincare and oral health practices, you can easily maintain a youthful smile and avoid unnecessary premature aging.

How Your Smile Might Age

Teeth have a tendency to shift over the years due to bone loss in the jaw, which can lead to gum recession and cause your smile to change.

As well, various foods, medications and medical conditions can cause your teeth to stain or change colour, which also add to the appearance of premature aging.

The good news – this can all be reversed at our Burnaby Dental Spa where we offer you regular dental treatments such as cleanings, cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, along with spa services, which we would love to introduce you too in order to help you regain your youthful appearance!

Prevent an Aging Smile By…

  • Floss, and again we say FLOSS! Keeping the space between your teeth clean will better ensure these gaps don’t discolour and cause your smile to appear unhealthy
  • Brush, at least 2-3 times a day after every meal in order to help prevent decay and discolouration
  • Have your teeth whitened by a professional at Lathem Dental Spa in Burnaby
  • Consider Cosmetic Dental Treatments at our Burnaby Dental Spa, such as veneers to effortlessly maintain a straight white smile
  • Have your teeth straightened, creating an immediate healthier smile

Aging is a beautiful reality we all share, and it is absolutely nothing to shy away from or hide. But premature aging is definitely something we all can agree is unnecessary, and as it pertains to your smile – Lathem Dental Spa is here to help you maintain and/or regain a youthful, beautiful smile in a serene setting at your leisure!

How Our Dental Spa Offers Treatments and Services Alike

How Our Dental Spa Offers Treatments and Services Alike

At Lathem Dental Spa, we look forward to surprising our clients with a serene setting and added services to ensure their comfort. Which is why we want to help you understand ‘How Our Dental Spa Offers Treatments and Services Alike’, giving you the most out of your time, dollar and experience with us!

We understand you have a variety of dental professionals to choose from across the Lower Mainland, and we believe it is a positive thing to have such options. That being said, we are also excited to provide unique options to our patients that set us apart, offering a serene setting to ensure comfort and acquiring your dental care with ease.

Lathem Dental Spa delivers a variety of dental professionals, and we are positive you will easily find the right fit at our Dental Spa in Burnaby!

So …What Is the Difference Between a Treatment and s Service?

As mentioned, we are a little different than most other Metro Vancouver dental offices, in that we offer both treatments AND services. Not only do we provide our patients with all of the regular cleanings, fillings, cosmetic dentistry and other such typical dental treatments, we also offer spa-like services to ensure your peace of mind is addressed while having your treatment. Who knew a trip to the dentist could be relaxing? We did!

Dental Treatments We Offer:


6Month Smiles


In-Office Teeth Whitening


Root Canal Therapy

Oral Surgery


Medical Spa Services …Botox and Dermal fillers coming soon!

At Lathem Dental Spa in Burnaby, we proudly provide these unique services in order to ensure both the health AND happiness of our patients. We truly believe you will be thrilled with our Dental Spa in Burnaby, and look forwarding to helping you maintain your healthy smile, acquire a brighter, straighter smile, or simply deliver a regular cleaning in a spectacular environment ready to serve you!

The Importance of Oral Health at Every Age

The Importance of Oral Health at Every Age

At Lathem Dental Spa in Burnaby, we understand the importance of oral health at every age. Whether welcoming your child into their first dental checkup, fitting your early teen with Teen Invisalign, helping your late teen with their wisdom teeth removal, providing teeth whitening treatments or conducting a regular oral checkup – Lathem Dental Spa is your go-to dental spa in Metro Vancouver, here to help keep your smile bright, white and healthy every stage of the journey!

Understanding the Stages of Oral Health

Oral Health and Your Child …your child’s first dentist visit should be around the age of 3, once their teeth start to take shape and you are ready to introduce them to positive oral health practices in a soothing environment.

Our Dental Spa in Burnaby is equipped to easily help your child have a welcoming experience, ensuring they won’t shy away from coming to see us as they grow.

Oral Health and Your Teenager …as your child moves into their teenage years, they may have additional needs due to the fun phase of puberty. With added hormones coursing through their body there can actually be a spike in cavity concerns, so a bi-annual checkup and cleaning is strongly encouraged.

Whether checking on their overall oral health, or seeking Teen Invisalign in Burnaby – Lathem Dental Spa is happy to help!

Oral Health and Adults …adults of course also need to ensure their oral health is addressed, and at Lathem Dental Spa you can enjoy all of the regular dental treatments, along with many specialized treatments at our Dental Spa in Burnaby. We provide a comfortable setting amidst knowledgeable staff and highly trained dental professionals, where individuals come to happily maintain their smile in a comfortable spa-like environment.

Oral Health and Seniors …as with teenagers, seniors sometimes require special care as well. Which is why Lathem Dental Spa in Burnaby is here to offer individualized treatments for those requiring more specialized care. Whether maintaining regular cleanings, requiring implants, crowns or other such cosmetic work for teeth that have seen a lot of life, we’re here to help you get your youthful smile back, while keeping you comfortable throughout your treatments.

Your oral health plays a big role in your overall health, from toddlers to teenagers, young adults to seniors, every stage of your life is important to us and we’re excited to help ensure your smile sparkles from the inside out!