What To Ask Your Dentist to Maximize Your Oral Care

What To Ask Your Dentist to Maximize Your Oral Care

Making the most out of your dental visit is as important to us as it most likely is to you. Which is why we want to share with you ‘What To Ask Your Dentist to Maximize Your Oral Care’!

How Are Your Dental Plans Processed?

Different dental offices have different policies within their practices as to how they are going to process your dental plan. If you have extended dental coverage, it is in your best interest to ask what to expect as far as payment is concerned.

What Sets Your Dental Treatments Apart?

Some people might be uncomfortable asking this question, but hiring a dental professional should be (ideally) a lifelong investment, and as with any investment, you should find out how it will benefit you now and in the long run.

Do You Offer Any Specialty Services?

As with how dental plans are processed differently from office to office, specialty services also differ. Where some dental offices may offer a wide variety of services, others may just offer basic oral care. So understand who is offering what, and make your decision as it best relates to your needs.

Is There Any More I Can Be Doing for My Oral Health?

It’s true, patients don’t often want to sit around and chat about their oral health, but at Lathem Dental Spa we feel like you just might! We’re a specialty Dental Spa in Burnaby that aims to create a comfortable environment for you; one you may even look forward to coming to no matter what treatment you’re coming in for. As such, asking questions about your oral health is welcome, for our dentists, hygienists and patients combined.

Lathem Dental Spa offers a variety of Dental Spa Treatments in Burnaby, which include: Invisalign, 6Month Smiles, Implant, Botox, In Office teeth whitening, Cleaning, Root canal therapy, Oral Surgery, Sedation

This is something that we feel truly sets our Dental Office in Burnaby apart from most others in all of Metro Vancouver. We encourage you to stop by, give us a call, or send us a message on Facebook to get in touch, and see how we can begin forming a relationship that will have your smile shining bright like a diamond in no time!