About us

Our Dental Spa in Burnaby is unique, blending a soothing spa atmosphere alongside expert dental treatments and services.

Welcome Message

At Lathem Dental Spa, our team holds the core belief that every patient can find his or her own shine.

We encourage everyone to find strength and confidence in their own inner beauty, and it such confidence starts with having a healthy smile!

Whether we are making over the smile you were born with, or creating the smile you have always wanted – this is possible at Lathem Dental Spa, all while you enjoy our tranquil dental spa-like environment designed to enhance your overall dental experience.

As an honorary Canadian, Canada has provided me with the great opportunity in becoming a dentist locally, and I want to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the people within this community. I look forward to creating long lasting relationships with my patients, while building my practice in continuation of the legacy that started forty-five years ago with Dr. Keith Milton, then Dr. Curtis Soong, followed by Dr. Kassam, and now joined by myself and Dr. Jay Son.

At Lathem Dental Spa, we look forward to helping you discover a new, relaxing dental spa experience, and Find Your Own Shine in the process!

How Lathem Dental Spa Was Born

Lathem Dental Spa was created with the desire to move away from the traditional sterile dental office environment, and transform our clients’ experience into a positive and relaxing one.

Dental anxiety is a common stress, but we felt it didn’t have to be. Which is why we invented the name ‘Lathem’ Dental Spa, to literally represent our mission statement within our name itself:

LA – Representing the French Feminine
T – Therapy
H – Heart
E – Esthetics
M – Medical