NOW BOOKING Back to School Dental Care PLUS Dental Programs That Help Make It Affordable!

NOW BOOKING Back to School Dental Care PLUS Dental Programs That Help Make It Affordable!

With fall just around the corner and the new school season tagging along with it, now is a great time to book your child’s back to school check-up. We will help you ensure a healthy start to your child’s school year, keeping any oral concerns in check and correcting any – possibly painful – cavities as well.

At Lathem Dental Spa, we are here to ensure your child has a positive dental experience regardless of their age. With our serene spa-like setting and compassionate staff, we are confident in our care for your family, and want to help set your child up for a successful visit with these mindful tips!

Plan Ahead with a Pep Talk

Having a casual, positive pep talk about heading to the dentist – perhaps between fun summer activities, will help keep your child informed without creating anxiety about their visit. Creating this type of “normal” will better ensure your son or daughter feels confident about regular healthy habits such as this, no matter how young they are, if they have special needs, or if they have had negative dental experiences elsewhere that we can help reframe.

Book a Timely Appointment 

It is important to book your child’s dental appointment at a time that works for them. Perhaps they are still young enough to require a nap, or maybe they are way past that but have a heavy sports schedule on certain days; choosing a day and time when your child is well-rested and minimally scheduled with other events, will also better ensure a successful visit.  

We will be sure to accommodate what is most comfortable for your child, and offer a text appointment option to help you schedule these things on the go!

Financial Aid for Your Child’s Oral Care

Student Care Dental Network Program

If you are in need of added financial assistance for your child’s oral health care needs, Lathem Dental Spa is proud to be a part of the Student Care Dental Network Program. Active students are eligible to receive 20-30% off their dental care, which we can help you assess at your first appointment. Click HERE to book!

Healthy Kids Program

In addition, we also will happily invoice the Healthy Kids program for families who need added financial support. This is a program well-worth looking into, offering children 19 and under $2,000 towards basic dental services every two years. 

This includes:

  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Cleanings
  • Extractions

Emergency treatment is available if your child has reached the $2,000 limit. 

Curious to know more? Call: 604-430-3117or Email: info@lathemdentalspa.cato chat!

At Lathem Dental Spa, we are here to ensure the oral care of your entire family is cared for. Whether you have a young child and wish to receive an x-ray free cavity detection for them, have a teen who would like to look into teeth straightening procedures, or have a post-graduate entering university who would like to visit our dental office for teeth whitening service – we will provide the same “kid glove” care no matter the age or the treatment your family members are coming in for!