At Lathem Dental Spa, we look forward to surprising our clients with a serene setting and added services to ensure their comfort. Which is why we want to help you understand ‘How Our Dental Spa Offers Treatments and Services Alike’, giving you the most out of your time, dollar and experience with us!

We understand you have a variety of dental professionals to choose from across the Lower Mainland, and we believe it is a positive thing to have such options. That being said, we are also excited to provide unique options to our patients that set us apart, offering a serene setting to ensure comfort and acquiring your dental care with ease.

Lathem Dental Spa delivers a variety of dental professionals, and we are positive you will easily find the right fit at our Dental Spa in Burnaby!

So …What Is the Difference Between a Treatment and s Service?

As mentioned, we are a little different than most other Metro Vancouver dental offices, in that we offer both treatments AND services. Not only do we provide our patients with all of the regular cleanings, fillings, cosmetic dentistry and other such typical dental treatments, we also offer spa-like services to ensure your peace of mind is addressed while having your treatment. Who knew a trip to the dentist could be relaxing? We did!

Dental Treatments We Offer:


6Month Smiles


In-Office Teeth Whitening


Root Canal Therapy

Oral Surgery


Medical Spa Services …Botox and Dermal fillers coming soon!

At Lathem Dental Spa in Burnaby, we proudly provide these unique services in order to ensure both the health AND happiness of our patients. We truly believe you will be thrilled with our Dental Spa in Burnaby, and look forwarding to helping you maintain your healthy smile, acquire a brighter, straighter smile, or simply deliver a regular cleaning in a spectacular environment ready to serve you!